Monday, 21 December 2009

24:22 - I did it

A fuller report will follow soon, but I wanted to report that I did a full on mid-winter Bob Graham Round.

I had full winter conditions, with intense cold and clear weather (my guess is minus 15 on Helvellyn, given the minus 6/7 valley temp) giving way to blizzards and heavy snowfall. I may have missed the 24 hour target for BGRs, but given I've alrady done a sub 24 round in summer, for me this counts. Putting it another way, I am not going back to try again to recover those minutes.

My supporters on road and fell were magnificent, and there is a real story to tell. Thank you to all that helped from the bottom of my heart. I will do that over the next day or so, but I just wanted to post something to say it was over and to illustrate the day with a fitting photograph or two.


Peering down into Eskdale at sunrise. Photo - Ian Charters.

Running on the Scafell range. Photo - Alan Lucker


  1. Great result Mark and truly awe inspiring pics from the day, It looks absolutely fab. Well done I bet it was one of the greatest days out you'll ever have. PERFECT ! the blizzards obviously!

  2. a fantastic effort in truly winter conditions. kept checking fra for updates on saturday. sounds like you've had well earned mountain adventure. truly inspiring.

  3. My heart leapt when I heard you'd done it Mark. Very well done, it was indeed BLOODY FREEZING up there. What an amazing acheivement. Emma x

  4. Thanks so much for your comments guys - it's lovely to read. Emma, you're dead right to use capitals, it was as cold as i;ve ever been!