Thursday, 17 December 2009

Thursday 17 December - Stop Press

Just had a simple little text message from Clive King. Two little words that make me realise that the conditions could well be bang on.

The text read: Broadstand OK

Clive has typified what never seems to amaze me about fellrunners - their willingness to go to quite considerable lengths to help complete strangers. He's gone up to the lakes early whilst I'm sat here packing boxes and writing labels such as 'leg one food', 'Dunmail Box' etc.

Boxfest - the day before.....

I should add, I've only met Clive for about five minutes before a race. He's going to run leg one and rig up Broad Stand for me too. He followed up that text with one saying that he couldn't see any water-ice around. That's brilliant news. Makes me feel so much better. Clive, you're a star.

I'm now pretty much packed, GPS is loaded, food and drinks prepared, support all secured (thank you all so much in advance, and apologies in advance for the moodiness!). Phew...

It's weird in many ways because I don't think I'm quite as nervous as last time. When I did the BGR in summer 2007, the 24 hour thing was unknown. Now, I know I can handle that and that i'm probably a bit stronger too. I also know the fells even more intimately than before and my support is even more experienced.

We're ready!

So, if 'Broadstand ok' is the guide, we're set for a long dark brilliant day. I really cannot wait. See you on the other side...

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